Psychiatrist Time

The past few days have been really bad for me.

My anxiety has shot through the roof. I mentioned to another person here on WordPress that I feel as though my feelings depend on my mom and it’s really scary how my feelings can shift. Well, it seems like those feelings are more prevalent now than ever.

I brought my Mom with me to the psychiatrist today. I know that seems weird, but I felt as though she could elaborate more on my codependency, since I don’t seem to be getting through to this guy. She was very truthful and it just helped me so much to hear that she knows and wants me to have a great life (even though I knew that, it still helps). She did speak with him.

He upped my Prozac and told me to see if this one therapist is in my network. Well, calling my insurance company didn’t help. They kept telling me I need diagnosis codes, because I have exclusions in my insurance. I have to call the office tomorrow.

The first visit with this guy was Hell. Well, my psychiatrist told me that he “thinks I’m not bipolar” after telling him my life story (isn’t that fun when you have to retell everything in a manner that is conducive to their understanding?) even though I’ve been diagnosed several times. He also said I could benefit from therapy.

He is also adamant that I need to move out of the “situation” I currently am living in.



However, I’m only getting temporary jobs. I wish I could land that all-important, full time “permanent” job, I would save up to move out.

You know the “right” thing; not just run out and find the first apartment that I can find without at least staying at a place of employment for around six months or so.

I don’t think more medicine is the solution, but I don’t think my family life is the only issue with me. He’s highly recommended by professionals and clients, but what the hell!


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