5 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

The one thing I found while trying to lose weight is quickly losing sight when stress happens. It’s so easy to say “well, today this happened, so I should get this…”

And of course, it’s something we think we can easily avoid in our heads, but then it actually happens. I have found that I have used every, single excuse in the world to justify my bad eating or not exercising.

I found this on Pininterest: http://www.organizeyourselfskinny.com/2012/06/07/5-questions-you-must-ask-yourself-before-trying-to-lose-weight/. After today, I’m a fan of her website in general.

I can’t say I’m a person who uses Pininterest every day, but I think if I am going to lose sight of what I want out of my life, I think this is a good “jolt” to get me to remember.

So, I’m going to share my answers with you guys:

What’s your “self-sabotager’s” name?

  • I chose Beatrice Jangles. Don’t laugh. Okay, well, not too hard. I think this question is important to identify your bad behaviors and personify them. It makes it literal, kind of more easy to understand. I want to be Allie, not Beatrice “Fucking” Jangles. That bitch is overly compulsive and never stops eating. (Quick note: I’m not trying to imply that women named Beatrice are terrible people, it’s just a name I made up).

What would you do or how would you act if you were at your ideal weight right now?

  • This is an AWESOME question. I was reading a book by Geneen Roth called “Why Weight? A Guide to Ending Compulsive Eating” and came across a similar question (“If I didn’t have conflicts about food, how would you feel/act”). I’ll share what I wrote down: I would be more social able, less angry and definitely not the fattest woman in the room. My friends and family would want to come around me more and I would be able to have a “full day” without feeling super winded and tired all the time.

This really, truly opened my eyes. Why the hell am I waiting to be “that person” when my attitude is the main catalyst for change?

What do you want in life besides losing weight?  What do you want MORE than losing weight?

  • I want to be a writer. I have a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, but I always knew that I wanted to write, at the very least, “part time”. Writing helps me understand and gets me emotions out. It takes me away.

I also have another blog that is about occult research. It’s far from weight loss, but I also want to be a respected person in the “field” of paranormal and contribute. Unfortunately, in the business world (regardless of what field of type of business) people are judged by their looks and not their character. I even thought about posting videos for my site, but I can’t even begin to imagine the YouTube comments that would come with it. UGH.

What types of exercise or ways of moving your body do you enjoy? Think of when you were younger.

·        I really enjoyed riding my bike and taking long walks at night. I’d walk during the winter and it was (usually) only me and the street and sidewalk. It was really nice! I tried getting back on a bike, and man, am I rusty. I thought “how the hell did I manage to move so quickly and go from one street to the next without fear of falling on my ass?” I guess in time it will get better, but holy shit. Really puts my fitness level into perspective!

How do you usually eat your food? What does your environment feel like, how do you feel?

·        Well, that’s something I’m actually working on right now. I try not to eat in front of the T.V. or computer screen for the purposes of being “mindful” of when I eat. It derails the second I step into my boyfriend’s house, though. That’s the only way he eats!

·        At dinner with my family, there are always HUGE portions. My Dad never eats during the day (which is terrible for his heart and well-being, but he insist it’s the “right thing to do”) so at night, he eats enough for three people. There are always left over mashed potatoes, ALWAYS (or meat). I’m the kind of person, however, that wants to chow down on mashed potatoes at night. It’s my ultimate “comfort food”. It’s a total trigger food.

I haven’t been to TOPS in two weeks, so this Thursday evening; it’ll be a great chance to see if I lost any weight yet. I’m only expecting a two pound weight loss, or less, but any loss would be great.



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