Down 3.5 Pounds

Well, I have lost a total of 3.5 pounds during the past three weeks! My weight is at 308lbs.

It would have been weekly, but these past three weeks have been brutal.

I’ve been going through a wide range of emotions (started as depression and went into an anxiety-manic state; something I have not experienced since I was 17) and I feel as though I’m a bit better.

I did binge, but not as bad as I have in the past. I think the practice of mindfulness and listening to my body when it said “full” instead of solely counting calories helped as well.

It does help to count calories, but I find that counting and adding during the day after every meal and snack makes me insanely worried about what I’m eating. It’s like my body will say “but, if I eat that, I won’t be full!” and causes me to rethink the whole meal. I actually add my calories after dinner, being somewhat aware of the calorie count (think of decent portion sizes, what brand, etc.). Usually, I end up with a few hundred left over, or at the least, some from light exercising.

During my TOPS meeting, I was chosen for the floating prize. The floating prize is when someone in our group has to lose weight, even a quarter of a pound, for four weeks straight. At the end of the four weeks, I get money. Woo hoo! That’s motivation!



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