Social Media and Me

I attempted the 99 Days without Facebook thing. I have to tell you; without the bother of a Facebook notification popping up every five seconds, it was super easy for me to just enjoy my day.

Not only that, but I have an issue of comparing myself to others…

…and knowing that a particular “friend” of mine always ends up judging me silently (among everyone else she’s “friends” with).

It shouldn’t bother me, but it does. I just really, honestly feel as though she looks “down” at me, and I hate it. I know I messed up a few jobs (mostly having to do with incredibly bad luck and temp only assignments), but the second she finds out that someone is “talking shit” about her, she pitches a damn fit.

Not to be the proverbial “attention whore”, but I was posting about my depression as a way to “reach out” when I was feeling my darkest a couple of weeks ago. I did that twice. I have never done that before, and then I wondered why no one really responded when I saw this: Facebook Video

The funny thing is, I had to stop my “99 Days” because my friends never called or text after I said “I’m taking a break from Facebook” via a social experiment. They even left a message on my wall asking me to hang out with them and never bothered to call or text when I didn’t reply. When I called one of them, they said “oh, I thought you were joking”.

With the influx of social media sites now “admitting” they “experimented” on its users (by manipulating posts to see how and if users would react), it’s just another reason to quit Facebook altogether. Why are we so damn stuck to this website? Why are we slaves to it?

I’m not suggesting a conspiracy theory, just that we can’t let a website define who we are and what our actions are in our everyday lives. I also feel more “down” after I go on Facebook. I just feel uneasy and kind of sad. Maybe it’s because I now see how (seemingly) shallow people really are on social media websites.

Maybe, in a way, I kind of emotionally grew up. The only downsize, for me, is not being “in the loop” because everyone and their dog is connected on Facebook.

I have another post I’m going to post next in regards to trolls, so if you’re up for more reading, stay tuned.


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