Still here and still losing!

…losing weight, that is!

Last week, I gained 2.5 pounds. That was disappointing, but I KNEW I was going to gain. I wasn’t surprised.

This past week, I lost that weight. My weight is now at 306!


Excitement, excitement.

I also just got a new job! It isn’t exactly administrative, but it’s a call center environment just like my past position.  I don’t mind talking to people about something as long as they call me first! It’s at a particular chocolate place, but I won’t say where. Last thing I need is someone from my new job going “OMG ARE U BIPOLAR ALLIE OMG UR NUTZ” or something along those lines.

It could be worse; I could be a telemarketer. To me, it’s an easy, but sometimes stressful, job. It’s almost temp to perm, which is great by me. I’ll be working at their headquarters. I figure, I’ll just do my absolute best and go for an admin position once I’m a few months in.

I figure I’m not getting a job anywhere due to my employment gap. It’s a terrible, awful reality we live in.

I’m also beating Beatrice. Today, I made her march right back in her corner and told her to stay there!

Okay, I haven’t been beating an old woman. I know it’s a weird metaphor, but I feel awesome today. Using Nerd Fitness, I started to do my workouts. They are general body-weight with incorporating some hand weights (super cheap at WalMart). They kick my butt, but I feel SO good afterwards.

My Mom suggested we go to Charter One Fitness; it’s ten bucks a month for a single location, but, there is a $40.00 fee (annually). I really want to talk to a rep about it and have them explain when that fee would apply. I do my body-weight exercises, but cardio…

Well, I COULD walk around in my neighborhood, but with hearing about people getting beat up for money less than a mile from where I live, I’m fearing my own neighborhood again. In broad daylight. Let’s just say I had a very unpleasant experience a year or so ago that left me very shaken. Who knows?



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  1. Hello! I’m getting back on my feet and using Nerd Fitness as my helping hand to stand back up. I found your blog through the Nerd Fitness tag 🙂 I’d love to follow your progress and I wish you the best of luck! It looks like you’re off to a great start, and congrats on the job!


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