Off Topic: The Pagan Community

This is a Pagan-related post. Sorry if it’s not what you wanted.

I think what has scared me the most about the Pagan community is the lack of common sense. You often hear a lot of garbage from people, including blind devotion to those in our community (authors, activists, entrepreneurs, etc.).

Just like any community, we have our “good” and “bad” people. We have the people in the media spotlight who are, more often than not, seeking attention and bringing us all down as a whole. Then, you have people speaking to the media about what Pagans/Wiccans/etc. are actually all about.

First and foremost, I am practical, 110% of the time. This is a result of my life experiences and everyday life choices. This is what has worked for me and have given me the best results. Common sense is first and foremost a main force in my life.

Second, just because I follow a path that includes “magic”, doesn’t mean I lack common sense and critical thinking skills. Some people are out to use their “magic” as a means to earn a quick buck under the guise of mysticism. I’m not talking about those who read Tarot or other forms of divination magic, but Facebook pages and websites that have everything from “love spells” to “voodoo magic”. Ugh.

A few months ago, I came across this from a coven’s Facebook page I was in at the time:

Many people state that this book is more “poetic” than anything. It’s a long essay about how we’re truly in an “apocalypse” (in that we’re in a decline of civilization) and what we can learn from our deceased ancestors. According to many reviews, it is a mish-mash of misinformation and romantic ideas.

As I said before in a Facebook post regarding this: This is a ploy to get people to read this author’s work by using a convenient and timely theme. Every way of life has predicted “the end of the world”. Every. Single. One. No one has been “right” so far. Why the hell should we start believing now?

Not to say that I don’t agree that our current state of “living” is barely living, but to say that the whole world is going to shatter is utterly ridiculous. This is where common sense rears its ever-inconvenient head.

Basically, the way the conversation is going is “we’re all going to be domed, so we might as well start preparing for the afterlife”.

Uh, what? Are you serious? There are times I am incredibly narcissistic about the human race, but this asinine.

After the uproar of people disagreeing with me (and for the most ridiculous reasons, including a member of clergy who basically resulted to name calling), I left the coven I was in after this page was posted. I seriously could not believe that they were that incredibly naïve.

I have all the respect in the world for them and I wish them the very best. They are wonderful women and I hope they find what they’re looking for.

I was definitely not meant to be there, though. It really pushes me to write this piece. Intelligent Pagans: you are not alone.



  1. Well done for leaving a coven that didn’t suit you. I tried one for a short while and then realised that it just wasn’t for me. I’m much more about my own path. Have to say I couldn’t read the review. I skimmed, mainly because my concentration is shot to hell but also because it sounded like a bunch of codswallop. Gotta agree that being pagan doesn’t mean checking your common sense and practicality at the door. Hmmm you may have prompted me into my own post or two…


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