Update on Work

My last regular post was about the job that I have found and my attitude adjustment.

Well…um…that job just didn’t work out.

Part of my position was to enter in slips of paper with handwritten information on it (their jewelry orders). The main “audience” these order forms were sent to were the elderly. Let’s just say that the jewelry is sub-par quality and if you were to Google it, it would often have “(product name) scam”.

Not to say that the company I worked for was the actual “owner” of this product: I worked at a distribution facility and had many “accounts” (or companies) they shipped on behalf of the client.

Getting back to the forms: they were handwritten. Many of them were BARELY legible. To make matters worse: I couldn’t look up their correct name and address by account number because I wasn’t allowed access. How the hell is someone supposed to perform their job if they can’t look up client information?

The girl who “trained” me was only “trained” a week and a half before I came in! She was very young and, I’m sorry to say, very uneducated and was really off-putting. She talked about my co-workers in front of me and said REALLY ignorant shit. The woman who trained her had quit the company after two years of being there.

Why did SHE quit? Well, my supervisor was/is a total bitch.

She is insanely rude and difficult to please. I honestly think she was bipolar. I’m sorry, but there’s no reason to treat people like dirt. She may very ignorant remarks and was very condescending when I asked questions about my duties. It was in no way, shape or form worth $12 an hour. When she said that my order entry was “failing in accuracy” and that I had to be let go, I was kind of happy. Not happy I wouldn’t have an income, but just glad that I didn’t have to take over 10 hours a day of her passive aggressive bullshit.

The good news, however, is that I “fell” into a position a week later. The formal title is “Executive Assistant”, but I do have human resource duties. So, I’m very happy and actually pleased with life.

So seriously, the next post will be about weight loss, as I have a lot to talk about.



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