A more relevant update!

Oh boy, these past few weeks…
I messed up.
I guess it started with getting my job at the place I worked ten hours a day. Sure I made decent money and didn’t blindly eat while I was there, but when I came home, I basically binged because I was so hungry.
Then, I was fired. The second time in my life I was fired.
That week, I didn’t go to TOPS. I was still very sick. So was my Mom. She was sick until a few days ago.
You know that “super” virus going around? I don’t know if I caught that or some other awful cold, because I could barely breathe or even walk around. My Mom actually got it much, much worse.
We finally went food shopping yesterday. We have normal food again! Unfortunately for us, we basically ate out every night before then. Although we had income to buy regular food, it’s like my parents just gave up for two and a half weeks. I offered to make and buy food, but my Dad wouldn’t hear of it. Seriously. SERIOUSLY.
I found control again with my eating. Believe me, it was hard. My body was (and still is) craving nasty fast food.
Back to TOPS: I was unable to go to TOPS the following three weeks. I had to work every Thursday night so that we did not lose this particular client. I’m a former C.N.A. and although I understand it’s bad news for us to lose a client, I REALLY didn’t want to do it. I did it, though.
Hopefully she finds someone. That is the major drainage of my gas. I have to drive close to fifty miles one way to see this client! It’s ridiculous and I have things I need to do.
So right now, I have no clue what my weight is. Hopefully I find out Thursday.
Also: Thank you for the follows and comments, everyone! I’m sorry I’m a little slow to approve and reply!


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