Off Topic: Religous Bigotry and WordPress

It’s 2014: C’mon, People!

In my quest of searching for One Lovely Blog nominations, I came across a pretty sad state of affairs: yet more people bashing Halloween (and everything non-monotheistic, of course).

It would be one thing if they read what Halloween originated from and stuck to facts in their straw arguments and loaded questions, but then again, look at what I’m dealing with. My bad.

Original blog entry can be found here.

It’s odd: the poster starts out with some basic information on Halloween and beings the “but the Bible said” argument right off the bat. Sad.

Many of the comments are people explaining what Halloween is, but of course, it falls on deaf ears.

The comments. Sigh.

What’s even worse is trying to reply back and having the poster delete the comments (which were in no way, shape or form disrespectful, but then again, it looks as though common sense really is dead these days).

I did reply to one comment, however (click on them to view the whole picture):

(Original comment)




After that, no matter how many responses I typed, they never went thought.

Sad, isn’t it? You try to show people the truth (or even facts regarding the subject), but they are deleted.

RIP Common sense. You will be missed.



  1. I just nominated you for the Liebster Award! I love what you have to say and the way you say it! You’re right. People should do their homework or at least try to be less offensive if they aren’t fully sure about the subject they’re talking about. Please check out my blog under the Liebster Award topic for your instructions. I’d love to read more about you! 🙂 Long live Halloween! Lol.


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