Prednisone and Happy Thoughts

I decided to do a “restart” this Monday.

I would have opted for today (November first) for a few dozen reasons, including its religious significance to me.

However, I’m dealing with “some bullshit” and need to concentrate of “me” for a bit.

What bullshit, Allie?

As you all know, when you take certain medications, other medications (both over the counter and prescription) can interfere with them. Or, if you’re like me, said medications just absolutely destroys me entire metabolism and makes me a less than desirable human being to be around.

For me, whenever I take Prednisone, my mind races and I became very irritable and depressed after a few days. Depending on the dosage, I would say that takes at least two days for me to fully get out of its grasp.

Then, I have also been drinking. Last weekend I drank a lot at a party. Usually I do that once every month or even less. I didn’t blackout or have a lapse in memory (or even threw up). I just know how much it affects me.

This Friday (yesterday) I drank a lot yet again. Some events happened at my house (not significant) but I blew it out of proportion in my mind and made myself so sad that I cried. Of course, I internalized everything and didn’t mention it to anyone.

So, let’s recap:

Prednisone + Booze + Allie = Insanity/Personal Hell

I’m not hung over today in the sense that a normal person would be. I’m more or less “foggy” in my thoughts and emotions. It’s like being lost in a nightmare.

I haven’t binged in a couple of weeks, which is great. I’ve been eating like crap, but I don’t feel overwhelmed or anything like that.

No Prednisone today, though. No booze today. No (excessive) amounts of candy. Tomorrow I go to the gym for a walk and some basic weight lifting. My actual exercises and weight recording will begin Monday.


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