Thanksgiving and Impending Doom

Went Back to TOPS!

On the 20th of November, I went again to TOPS.
I had lost 3.5 pounds. I was super happy!

Then, Thanksgiving Came

We hosted Thanksgiving and of course, there was a plethora of mashed potatoes, turkey, praline yams and all that other great stuff left afterwards.
It was borderline ridiculous how much food was left.
Quickly, I realized I was out of control. Again. My binging came back and gave a fiendish “hello” to mock me.
Since this past Thursday was Thanksgiving, we didn’t have a weigh-in. However, this Thursday…we do. I know it’s not going to be pretty for me.
But as of yesterday, I reeled back in. I watched what I ate and gained control. Tomorrow I have an interview and then I’m going to the gym.


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