Merry Yule, Ya’ll

…Or, as it is called by everyone else, the winter solstice. The longest night of the year. The good news is that after today, the days will start becoming “longer” again. Well, by a minute or so each day. I won’t bore you all much with the details, but here a link to learn more if you’re interested:

…And how is the Allie, you may ask?

A bit troubled. This holiday season is killing me with this food! Even worse, I feel like my body is wasting away. Today I did some body weight exercises along with some dumbbell ones. I feel better. A bit stronger. Not as sloth-like. Maybe instead of being lazy every day until I start my recruiter position (AWWWWWW YEAH) I should start actually trying to get into a unlike sloth-type mode.

I went back to TOPS this past Thursday. No surprise, gained 2.5 pounds since I’ve been there. We don’t have a meeting until the 8th (the next two Thursdays are “holidays” and we cannot meet). I’m sick of this waiting until the 1st nonsense, so I’m just getting into gear now.

Eating Without Counting

Something I’ve noticed about myself is how I feel about logging food. I hate it. It makes me think I’m more hungry when I’m not. For TOPS, we’re required to write down our food and calorie intake. I’m going to try and write down what I eat during the day and writing down the calories later. Maybe a week experiment might do the trick.

I hope everyone else is having a great holiday season and is spending time with family and their loved ones! 


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