Goodbye, December; Worst Week Ever!

The last few days of December were not great. At all.

In fact, my Mom downed nearly an entire bottle of codeine cough syrup (my prescription) and was so messed up Christmas Eve, my Dad had to make Christmas dinner. Wouldn’t be a big deal, but eight extra people were showing up the next day.

…Not to mention the fighting. The “why did you do it if things were going so well” speech. You know, fun things.

To cap it all off, my Dad and my Mom were fighting upstairs when I heard her scream “FUCK YOU (dad’s name)” and a sudden boom. My Mom fell in the hallway. I was downstairs when I heard them, but quickly looked upstairs. Suddenly, my Mom got back up and screamed “I’M CALLING THE POLICE!” and “I’ve messed up, but you don’t have any right to hit me!”

I didn’t actually see anything. However, my Dad has a history of being violent with my Mom. I had thought this ended over ten years ago. Well, my Dad claims that after my Mom screamed at him, she went to leave and she was about to fall so he tried to hold her up.

My Dad immediately retorted with “I DIDN’T HIT YOU” and “fine, call the police. They’ll see you’re so messed up, they’ll haul you away”. Bringing up old memories of when I had to call the police because my Dad hit my Mom when I was 14 (and devastated my young brother, who was 7 and my Dad was my brother’s hero at the time), my brother runs upstairs and asks my Dad, “Did you hit her?”. My Dad said no. My brother then starts screaming “STOP TRYING TO RUIN OUR LIVES” to our Mom.

Personally, I don’t believe that. I think my Dad reacted totally out of anger and didn’t fully realize what he did. I don’t know what to believe, but I can’t dwell on that.

This was at a level that can only compare to when I was younger. I just shut down. I cried so much. I was shaking and just couldn’t stop crying. I’m 29 years old and this happened. What the hell was going on?

I’m making much more of an effort to distance myself and focusing on my future. I finally landed a sourcing role that isn’t too far from my house. It’s nice and I did so well my first week, they gave me a dollar raise. If I make full recruiter, they will start me salary. I think that’s sweet.

But, enough. Now, I will continue posting and go on with my life. I survived the “worst case scenario” in my head, so I think at this point, nothing can stop me now.


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