Being Sick Mentally and Physically

I’ve been sick the past three days. It’s probably the worst head sinus infection I’ve had to date. Every time I talk, I cough. Every time I sneeze, I cough. When I blow my nose, i cough. My nose just drips constantly and it isn’t showing signs of stopping.

Thankfully, I have the best boss in the world. He let me go home early Tuesday and stay home Wednesday. Coming into work today was awful (and extremely painful to my throat), but I made it. Tomorrow is Friday.

I’ve also come to the realization that whenever I have money/steady income, I tend to binge on fast food. 

Like I said in a previous post, I’ve ballooned to my biggest weight ever: 320.8 pounds. Holy crap.

I’ve never been so disappointed in myself. Here my life is finally hitting an all-time high with me professionally and I gain. All. This. WEIGHT.

Granted, it’s a real challenge to commute to work, actually work and be there for nine hours (off for lunch for one hour), commute back home, work out, THEN go home…What is it going to take? Why am I not where I need to be?

Last week, I did pretty well. I went to the gym twice (falling short of my three times a week goal) but I did…

…only to turtle at TOPS.

But, I can’t blame the scale. I ate several unhealthy meals last week (mostly in the AM; I never give myself enough room to eat something properly).

I didn’t go to TOPS today because I’m so freaking sick. It’s a miracle I’ve only coughed a few times typing this!

It’s the dizziness and congestion that’s killing me the most.

I also wanted to see my boyfriend this weekend. I didn’t see him last because I just wanted to be at the house and not drive anywhere.

Now I regret it. Ugh.

But, I now have a new resolve to do better this week; not only because of my psychical shape, but because I never want to get this sick again. I need to eat better and exercise. Nourish myself better, not let this nonsense get the best of me.


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