“What’s the plan, then?” 2015 Edition

Yeah, that wouldn’t even be good for me, either. I mean, even if I were to have one beer, I become dizzy and moody. I wish it would all just blow over!

Let’s talk about my fitness level and current eating habits

I originally posted this to “So Tired of Me” back last year. I decided that, among my “archived” posts, I think this needs updated.

If you go to my new “About Allie” section, you’ll see I went to 342 pounds. So not safe, so not good.

I bought a new scale: this syncs to the Lose It!, but I prefer MyFitnessPal way more. I just record my weight in MFP. Fantastic scale; I’d stick to Lose It, but it doesn’t have a vast array of calorie countage like MFP. Since it was my first week back again, I lost 7 pounds. I definitely don’t expect that next week.

Thursday mornings are my weigh day, by the way.

Let's get to work, then!
Let’s get to work, then!


My Work & My Weight Loss


I sit at a desk for 8 hours a day; I have an unofficial “lunch” for one hour. However, it’s “frowned” upon if you’re not getting your work done (yes, seriously).

However, I’m able to bring my veggies/chicken with me and eat it at my desk.

Speaking of sitting at a desk 8 hours a day…

My Fitness Level


…is putrid. At an all-time low. I mentioned my love of Nerd Fitness and am kicking myself for not sticking to the “101” body-weight circuit. I can only go for the two rounds and not three, but it’s a start.

I just feel so ugh. What’s holding me back is purely me.

I often asked myself “when will I stop making excuses and let life dictate my calorie intake and physical activity?”

I guess last week is a start, but I really need to move from my desk, even if upper management gets pissy. Humans aren’t made to sit like this! I feel like I’m wasting away.

I need to form a new habit is what I need to do.

Gotta get in gear!

Regardless of circumstance, I just need to exercise. It has to go to the highest of priorities. It doesn’t even take me that long to do the body-weight circuit and I enjoy doing it.

Overall Goals

  • Lose the first 30+ pounds to get back to 300
  • Develop a exercise routine
  • Continue prepping my own meals
  • Use my UP Jawbone to measure my fitness level

I really missed writing this stuff.



  1. I feel your pain. I have gained so much weight since I started Seroquel. I went to Weight Watchers and lost 35 lbs in a year. But I have since gained it all back because I couldn’t afford the meetings anymore. I have a top of the line exercise bike. It just sits there. Being depressed, I have no motivation. I weigh the most I ever have in my entire life.


    1. Seroquel worked and didn’t work for me. I think it just made me more tired. Then again, my body reacts to everything in the worst pay possible. Have you heard of TOPS? It’s a fraction of the cost of WW and they weigh you and have weekly meetings.


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