October Update

Since my last post on August 23rd:

  • I lost weight (currently at 335.75; lost 6 pounds so far)
  • I was fired on September 14th from my recruiter job
  • I no longer eat an entire bag of chips/popcorn. I only eat a portion now.
  • I found my Jawbone wristband and lost it…again.

Getting fired was actually a blessing in disguise. It was toxic for me to be in that role. Long story short, that kind of place isn’t for me. I can’t be successful in that role.

My Mom and I also had a really great talk. She said what I’ve been thinking for awhile: our relationship is toxic (at times). We feed off each other’s sadness. She told me I need to forge my own life. I told her I felt like I’m so worried about what she’ll do next, it makes me stay at the house.

Fortunately, the toxicity between us has gotten smaller. It’s nice to clear the air. I have to admit, it has been easier for me to distance myself. Maybe that’s why it’s extra sad for me, sometimes; I feel guilty for not feeling so sad.

It’s getting easier, day by day.



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