10 Pounds Lost

In total, since August 13th of this year, I have lost a total of 10.2 pounds.

It would have been 14, but I gained 3.25 pounds this week.

Last Saturday was my party with my friends: we had pizza and went to this bar-like place for drinks. A lot of fun was had.

I then let myself get out of control this week. The thing is, I knew I was doing it, but I just kept going. What really did it was the two days I spent with my boyfriend.

Whenever we’re together, we eat like shit. We talked about it at length and even though it’s very easy for me, he still doesn’t have this hunger reflex under control (sorry, Mike). Mike is, however, limiting his sugar intake.

To us, food=happiness. Food means good times and fun, elated feeling.

Every time I think I have a grip (or do) I slip. To me, this is getting ridiculous. I have a decent start, but it could have been better. I can do better. The following is what I’ve done thus far.

Drinking More Water (and tea)


I had a Brita water bottle before (it was the soft kind). I found a harder bottle that will fit in my purse without leaking. It works great. There’s a straw already built in (as seen above).

I always feel guilty for drinking out of water bottles. Better alternative! It also has the ounces labeled.

Fun fact about Allie:

Calories Should Be Actual Food


The main issue, as I said before, is me eating (and eating, and eating). I’ve been recently reading a book called “The Truth about Food Addiction: Food Junkies”.

I have a major issue with fast food: I don’t have to clean up/make it, it’s easy to eat and it’s right there. I only started to read the book, but I already have a sentence from the book that’s helping me out (if you have an addiction to certain items): Avoid your trigger foods. That, my friends, is a major trigger.


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