“OMFG UR FAT” & Other Bullying Behaviors

Yes, I’m back from a bit of a hiatus. I decided if I’m going to be truly honest and help myself, I need to be completely honest. Read at your own discretion.


It must be incredibly nice to judge people behind a computer screen; free to say whatever arrogant and outlandishly stupid comments you want without consequence (more importantly, without seeing the reaction of the other person).

Ignorant Comments=Weight Loss?


I have some bad news for you: your comments do not change us “fat people”. In fact, it makes it worse. Sure, there are stories of women and men that start their proverbial “weight loss story” with a “my ah-ha moment” of being humiliated.

However, It doesn’t help the majority of people.

“But Allie: I’m entitled/right to say what I want! It’s called the 1st amendment; look it up!”

Yes, dear, no one is going to come arrest you for being a lackluster human being. With that being said, however, I want you to think about something: we all have shortcomings. Maybe yours isn’t as “public” as obesity is, but imagine talking with friends or having a great time somewhere public.

Then, someone starts laughing and pointing your way. You did absolutely nothing to “provoke” this person/group of people, but you’re suddenly in the middle of a joke everyone is in on it, but you. You then hear the snickering getting louder and people from the group saying “wow, she IS fat”.

You were having a great time, but suddenly, you regret ever stepping outside your door. You’re mad at yourself for thinking you were good enough to be seen in public. You might even make an excuse to leave.

You’re probably asking, “Why not just say something to that person/group?”

You can try everything from “I really don’t appreciate those comments, please stop”” to “fuck off, asshole” and most of the time, the result is the same: “Ha ha, you’re fat” and/or “Shut up, you’re fat” and just continue to bully you. It’s maddening: you thought saying something as simple “please stop” would put an end to it.

Or, in my various, personal situations: you would think most people posess some sort of common sense and/or a sense of humility.


Never been so wrong.

This same type of behavior is even worse once that bullying person is front of a computer screen, especially if that person didn’t say anything regarding weight.

“But he/she called me names before I said anything! I have a right to defend myself!”

It’s true: sometimes people will say things unprovoked; but, I’m not talking about those instances (even more to the point: are we really going to play the “but he/she called me name” game? Name calling is never justified. If someone does that, walk away/turn off your comments).


If the argument or idea isn’t about weight: don’t bring it up. It makes you look like a complete, fucking moron to use that in an argument. I guess I’m asking too much of people, but try to use your brains.

Science of Addiction


Read the following sentence from IFL Science:

Routinely eating high calorie foods will desensitize dopamine receptors in the brain. This means that over time, a person must eat more to get the same level of satisfaction from eating.

Now, with a bit of sentence manipulation, we get the following:

Routinely doing methamphetamine will desensitize dopamine receptors in the brain. This means that over time, a person must use more to get the same level of satisfaction or “high”

Bitch and cry foul all you want, the truth is the truth. It’s the root of why it’s not as simple as “just stop eating that”.

Is it true we put ourselves in this situation? Yes. A thousand times yes.

Did it just take one day for me/others to become obese? No; hence the reason it’s not just a simple “one and done” process.

HOWEVER, no one possesses a time machine; therefore, I can’t go back in time and simply stop myself from the countless times I sabotaged myself (more importantly: developed and continued unhealthy eating and sedentary ways). This is why, in order for successful long-term weight loss, you have to look to the root of the problem.

What really kills me is the abundance of websites showing fat people at the gym or running.

I can’t imagine being at the gym and taking pictures of others to make fun of them. You really have that much spare time? Really?

It’s a process. It’s not easy.

Can’t stand to look at my fat ass? Look somewhere else.



For the “TL;DR” crowd:

  • When you’re arguing with someone and suddenly use the “you’re fat” defense when the argument had nothing to do with weight: you’re acting like a child. Grow up (not to mention you just instantaneously “lost”).
  • When you take pictures of a fat or obese person trying to better themselves or just existing in your “godly” presence for the sole purpose of making fun of them: you’re wrong and acting like a damn child.




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