New Year, New Me?

The past week and a half has been…interesting. I’ve been learning a lot about “me” and my habits.

In addition to blogging here, I’ve been writing in a notebook. It takes me a bit longer to write in a notebook, but it really makes me focus on what I want to say. It makes it more “real” to see it on paper and in my own handwriting.

I keep my notebook everywhere I go in my handy messenger bag purse. Yeah, you’re jealous. 🙂

Specifically, this excerpt really hit me:

I definitely let my parents dictate my emotions. Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed, I don’t leave the house

I feel like if things aren’t “right” at home, I can’t exercise at the gym or go anywhere else. It’s debilitating. That’s why I used to shut myself out and play World of Warcraft most of the time.

Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy the game, but I feel like I use it as a crutch instead of dealing with my problems. Plus, I already beat Khadgar’s quest. At this point, I was just leveling up my armor and such. Mindless tasks. I was also leveling a Jewelcrafter to level 100. More mindless tasks.

People and Social Media

I’m also a miffed at peoples’ attitudes on social media.

Seen this image lately?

“Trying to better yourself? THAT’S STOOPID”

I recommend, wholeheartedly, not sharing your grand plans with your cynical friends. When people see you’re trying to do something (like weight loss) they tell you you’re going to fail.

Even worse: unsolicited advice.

You fucked up last year and trying again? Good for you! Don’t let the disheartening words of a few derail you.



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