Week 1&2 Summary

Week 1: I ate only until full (MAJOR accomplishment for me)

Week 2: Counted calories (any and all calories; even if I went over)

I know they both seem really “easy”, but let me explain.

Week 1

I am a binge eater to the fullest extent of a binge eater.

  • I binge when I’m happy.
  • I binge when I’m sad.
  • I binge out of boredom.
  • I binge when I know I have a lot to do.

I just want everyone to know it has taken more than a mere week to overcome this. I don’t want to discourage anyone (EVER) from thinking it takes an ounce of willpower.

This has been an accumulation of all my suffering and past binge-ing experiences (there are numerous blog entries imported from my old site; if you have the time/patience, take a gander).

This changed the way I felt, changed the way I thought and even changed the way I view myself.

My feelings towards fast food and foods I like to binge on

Week 2

The first week, I counted all calories I ingested. It made me stop and think about what I was about to eat. I went over a few times, but not by that much.

At the end of Week 2, I attended my TOPS meeting. I lost 9.75 pounds.

Again, this is due to me not eating the way I was during the “holidays”. This coming challenge this week is exercising 3 times a week at 20 minutes. Any sort of exercise.



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