Week 3 Summary


Week 3 Goal Met!

My Week 3 goal was to exercise 3 times.

I went to the gym once. I walked around in stores for the next 3 days to reach my step goal via my Garmin Connect.

Any exercise at all 3 times this week: Achieved.

This week has had its trials. This past Thursday, I was unable to attend my TOPS meeting (weigh-in). I had a job interview that lasted 2 and a half hours about 36 miles away from the meeting. Didn’t make that one (didn’t get the job, either. Apparently, even if it’s still your first time in a slaughter house, if you gag for a second, it automatically disqualifies you from being an administrative professional there).

Thursday, we have the proverbial “cheat” foods after the TOPS meeting. However, I ate horribly on Friday. I didn’t overeat, but I did only eat pretty craptastic foods. Some super thing, nasty pizza (the stuff you find on the frozen isle) and chips. Seriously. The one thing that surprised me is how little I ate of these foods before my stomach said “stop, please”. I felt good about that, but damn well not excusing myself.

Right now, I’m really sick. I woke up Monday feeling awful. Today I’m able to sit up and type/go on the computer.

Week 4: Summary Week

This week (and every four weeks from now in) will be a “summary” week. I will be concentrating on all my accomplishments and keep up the habit.


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