I wrote about how I became very sick last week. Thanks to going to the doctor after realizing I had a fever and was steadily becoming worse, I became better.

Yesterday was my last day with antibiotics. It was a miracle I got them, considering I (currently) do not have a job and do not have health insurance. Today, I feel like I’m getting sick again.

My throat hurts horribly again. My ears are clogged. My nose is slightly runny. I attempted to exercise Sunday with my dumbbells (8 whole pounds, ya’ll) and just fell apart afterwards.

I’ve been eating within my caloric needs, but I haven’t really exercised. I haven’t even walked. I’m actually just hoping one of these jobs I’m in the interviewing process for calls me. Something….

For sure, I can’t give up now. This is where things usually fall apart for me.

Not this time, old Allie.


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