Dat Week 6 & 7 Tho

This was an action packed week.

Okay, maybe not in what normal people view as “action packed”, but I did interview a lot.

Not having a job is destroying me.

Am I ungrateful for wanting to be a productive member of society? Have money AND lose weight at the same time?

I’m just really frustrated. I’ve been on interviews where I might as well poured the gasoline on the fucking ground instead of wasting my gas to get there.

I haven’t gained weight since the very first week of January (my first “weigh in” of the year; a starting weight). As of this date, I’ve lost 17.25 pounds. At TOPS, I also won the princess of the month award for losing the most weight in January (11.25 pounds lost in January). It includes a paper award and a charm. Well, unfortunately for me, we have a very small group so I am unable to get a charm.

But this past week (and I totally didn’t do a review for the previous week. BAD ALLIE!) I was supposed to memorize the NF Women’s warm-up. Not that hard, but I didn’t do it. I’ve been so consumed with looking for employment, I’m putting everything else aside.

This week is going to be to simply consume more water.

And if Windows 10 doesn’t stop asking me for my supposedly incorrect Microsoft account information, I will cut a bitch.

From Quick Meme

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