Week 8: The Recknoning (Part I)

Last week, I started strong: I exercised/walked for 20 minutes or more for the first few days (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday). My eating was great for those days: then, however, I spent time with my boyfriend at his house.

Although I didn’t gain this week, I didn’t lose, either. I “turtled”.

Not really about “turtling”, but you get the picture…right?

I feel really, really bad. I’m not here to “talk shit” about him: I just think we enable each other when it comes to unhealthy eating. The strange thing is: when we’re doing our own thing and are seperate, we don’t do these things.

We’ve been together since June 2008. We’ve always had bad habits and we also are trying to break them. Back last month when we spent a few days together, we weren’t like that.

I have good news, though: I have a temporary position this coming week! It’s not long term, but I do need to pay some bills.

I call next week the reckoning Part II because I want that scale to move down! We’ll see.


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