Fitness Woes: Feet/Hip

Last week, I made my step count for five days in a row! 5,000 big ones!

Okay, I get it: 5,000 isn’t that great when the average human does more than 10,000 steps a day…but, the fact I wasn’t sitting or goofing off is major.

Again, going back to my Nerd Fitness love, I decided to start something pretty damn special. I’ll most likely reveal this idea later today or tomorrow!

Ballad of the Blister

I had a problem after the second day: I developed a massive blister on my left foot (below the big toe on the pad of my foot). It was over the size of a quarter and if I didn’t know any better, I’d say I broke my damn foot whenever I took a step.

TMI time: I drained it and then put the hydrogen peroxide on it. After it dried, I put some antibacterial goop on it. It hurt, but it wasn’t as awful to walk on.

The next day: I walk again. I come home and although that blister was gone, there was one forming right underneath it. Seriously. That one seemed to drain itself. I decided it was time to give it a rest.

Day after that: I walk with breaks while I hang out with my boyfriend. The blister(s) are mostly healed at that time. Fast forward two days later of not meeting step goal and it nearly turns into a callus. It peels by itself. Doesn’t hurt, but skin is bright pink underneath.

My Hips Don’t Lie

After the pang of not losing (but not gaining), I head back to the treadmill at the gym this past Saturday. There, I start walking.

Of all damn things, my right foot hurts something awful. It literally feels like my right foot is contorted; tmy big toe facing down while the tight side is tilted up. Kind of like walking on the left side of my foot. 

Upon looking at other websites, I realized it was my right hip. When I massag my hip, it feels like knots are crammed in there. I’m working on some yoga moves and stretches to help combat the problem. Hopefully.



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