Week 11-12 Synopsis

New Job/Income
I’m totally here, guys. Here and finding my rhythm with my new job!

View from office window, 15 floors up

I now work downtown in a medical facility. Pretty excited! They charge me less than $5 a month for parking (which is incredible when you’re working in Chicago). Doesn’t mean I don’t get my steps in, though.
I now need to prep my food for the morning. I see that now. You know what I’ve had for breakfast for the past two weeks? Fucking fast food.
I swear, the minute I finish the sandwich, I feel 90% gross. Yuck.
Lunch I do better. Dinner I do better. I haven’t been snacking as much…

The Big Shit (Reality)

But, last week being Easter and all…I messed up bad.. I also haven’t been drinking water and eating the vegetables I should. No exercise either.

I gained 8.5 pounds in the two weeks we didn’t have a TOPS meeting. Holy shit.

If that isn’t a reality check, well,…fuck. I’m browsing HungryGirl for recipes. Probably my favorite website I’ve seen for recipes so far. If I can easily make something in the morning and possibly eat it on my way to work, I’ll be a happy camper.

This week’s goal is to stay within caloric range. Nothing fancy, but a must.

I’m also behind on blog reading! Please don’t think I’m being a snob. I’m getting used to sleeping at 9 and waking up at 5AM!


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