The “Fat Girl” Conundrum Cycle

Chart Illustrates what most obese people go through at the the gym. It’s a damn shame this needs to be in chart form.

It’s a struggle to fight the cravings of my old ways and not submit to being a potato on a computer chair. It’s something I fight on a daily basis. I made this chart to illustrate what I go through as well as some other people.

Sure, peoples’ comments and gazes in the store/gym/etc isn’t fun, but I fight that as well; being out with friends, family or even by myself and feel the judgmental gazes (and hearing the comments) of people who know nothing about me, but yet feel the need to criticize me because of only what they saw.

I’m sorry, do I have to tell everyone I meet my life story to feel validated as a fucking human being? How about acting like a decent person and just go about your day? Why is my existence suddenly so important to you?

Not only that, but the garbage you read on the internet is even worse; it’s people hiding behind their computer screens saying ignorant garbage.
I’m also not saying peoples’ shit shouldn’t be your means of facing reality and escaping working out. It’s just a damn shame people can’t behave themselves.

If you would feel ashamed to say it to someone face-to-face, don’t say it on the internet. Imagine how much better the internet would be! Isn’t it hard work being an asshole?

Some extra thoughts:

  • We don’t want “you’re doing SO great” and “great job” every five seconds. We just want to be treated as a human beings. Is that so much to ask?
  • If we make a mistake at the gym, you can tell me. Just a reminder: we’re all human. We all make mistakes. Believe me, I would appreciate it if someone showed me something I did wrong without being a jerk (like taking pictures; why the hell do you have your phone out when you’re working out)?
  • If you see me somewhere with an item that isn’t “diet” (barf) acceptable, don’t harass me. That’s something I allotted for that time calorie wise. Maybe it’s a treat, maybe I’m out with friends. Either way, it’s none of your damn business.

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