Week 13 Results (Aww Yiss)

Well, did something right last week: I lost half of the weight I gained (4.5 pounds). Feels good! I mindfully ate (KEY KEY KEY KEY!). This is the key thing I have to do to keep myself in line.

This week, I became VERY, VERY sick. It was yet another sinus infection (a damn miserable one). It’s over, but I’m still making sure I stay well. I’m still dizzy from the Prednisone (today being the last day of it).

From Thursday until this morning, I was ready to take on my “list” of things that needed to be done. Into about two tasks this morning, I realized how tired I was. I mulled around and finally took a nap. I ate dinner and cleaned my room a little bit, but it wasn’t as much as I had hoped. Rather be well then sick, though.

My boss told me the entire unit in which I work is going to a seminar. Since I’m technically still “temp” there, she said I can either work both of those days by myself entering data or take the day off. Sweet deal.

Depending on my boyfriend’s schedule, I might  take her up on her offer. Or, I just take my laptop into work with me and listen to music while I enter in the data. Pretty easy time.

Next week’s goal is to master the NF warm up. I attempted that in Week 6, but now I’m re spawning in the fitness area.


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