Day 100 & Makeup=Professionalism?

Saturday, April 9th marked the 100th day of the year. I really wanted to sit down and think about the first 100 days. What did I learn? What did I need to improve on?

  • If I stick to my eating plan, I lose weight. BONUS: I’m also full.
  • When I do exercise, I tend to go overboard. I need to calm myself down to prevent uber soreness.
  • I really can do this weight loss thing.
  • I hold onto a lot of anger out of fear if I say something, people will stop loving me. I have to find a healthy balance
  • I need to think better things about myself
  • I was working on a funny video and it occurs to me I should actually finish it
  • Speaking of finishing videos, I need to finish what I start ALWAYS

“Women Should Always Wear Makeup”

I also found this one article/tidbit via “Women You Should Know”. Maybe you’ve heard about it/seen it:

I like to wear makeup…at my discretion. When I feel like it. Some women like wearing makeup everyday. That’s great, but for some like me, I don’t wear it all the time. Allergies and time take priority.

  • NOT wearing makeup doesn’t make you “lazy”. There’s another stereotype.
  • Looking professional doesn’t equal wearing makeup. When will people get that?

It infuriates the shit out of me when people say “you need to wear makeup at the workplace to be taken seriously”. No, actually, I sure the fuck don’t.

If you’re not going to take me seriously because I’m not wearing makeup, I’m the one who shouldn’t take YOU seriously. What kind of ass-backwards thinking is that? What next: “coloreds and women” shouldn’t vote, either?

But, I’ve also noticed how people treat you differently when you don’t wear makeup. That’s so sad, not to mention pathetic.

And please, don’t get me wrong: both men AND women do this. I’m not just “hating” on men.

For instance: I take a shuttle from a remote parking lot to get to work. Depending on traffic, I might take an earlier or later shuttle. On days I wear makeup, people say “hello” to me. They speak to me. They smile in my direction.

I’ve made sure I smile and say hello on all days, because THAT’S professional. However, I’ve noticed the difference.

Hell, not just on the shuttle, but in general. Anyone have similar experiences?



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