Dear Week 14…

After two weeks of trying, I have successfully annihilated you.

Love, Allie.

Last week, I attempted (and succeeded) at mastering the warmup of Nerd Fitness. Hurray! I don’t use all of it, given I only do certain exercises right now. I just do more reps of certain moves.

I think what pushed me to do it was just being fed up at being still. I want results, but I wasn’t willing to give 100%. I pushed that garbage right out of my mind and made a plan.

This week, I have given myself a schedule to workout. I am doing every other day, starting today (and I went *toots horn*). Tomorrow, I clean when I get home from work. The next day, workout…etc. This way, I don’t feel guilty about going to the gym and coming home to just relax.

I also bought a vivosmart HR band. I really like it. It’s good to know how many steps you take. The heart rate also shows me my resting and average while moving around. My resting is at 67. Not bad; I honestly thought it was going to be worse.

Anyway: this week, it’s going to be all about sticking to that schedule. Last week, there was no meeting due to this catastrophic sickness going around. This week, I can’t wait to step on that scale!


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