Fitness & Me

Getting into the groove of going to the gym every other day wasn’t that hard (surprisingly). After I get home and take a shower, I feel like I have energy and can do things.

Much to my surprise with new found love of going, however, I gained 3 pounds last week. That means total this year, I lost only 12 pounds. My main goal this year is to lose 50 pounds. Not a great start.

I was so pumped at the weight loss meeting, but then I stepped on that scale and I lose sight a bit.

I read about this on Nerd Fitness and other sites. Some people gain then lose, then gain while lifting. I’m going to trust the process and see what happens this Thursday.

But, I find when I’m exercising I’m much more steadfast in my resolve to stay away from my trigger foods. Go figure.


I’m starting out on the machines. Yes, it’s a big no-no in the Nerd Fitness Community, but I need to start somewhere. So far, this is what I can do. TRY NOT TO LAUGH.

I eventually want to get to the free weights, but there is seriously a lot of people over there.

…and um, this might sound really dumb and petty, but I hate the fact there’s a mirror there. I have a long way to go, but so far, I’m not doing that bad.

Seated Row: 90 lbs: 5 x 3

Lateral Pull Down: 65 lbs 5 x 3

Wide Stance Leg Press: 125 lbs: 10 x 3

Leg Extension: 60 lbs: 10 x 3

Thigh Abductor: 120 lbs 10 x 3

Thigh Adductor: 90 lbs: 10 x 2

Treadmill: 2.6 MPH @ 15 Minutes Heart Rate High: 154


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