Taming My Hunger

Here’s something that just happened:

I was at this appreciation breakfast (for administrative professionals) where I work. There was fruit, eggs, turkey sausage and hash brown….oh, and Danishes…and bread. SO MUCH BREAD.

I arrived early and went to the buffet area where said items were. I grabbed about a cup of scrambled eggs, two sausage patties (pretty small; a little bit larger than a silver dollar each) and a single hash brown patty. I ate it and never went back for seconds.

I have to tell you: I almost felt like my body wanted to throw a tantrum like a three year-old.

Why not go back for seconds? There’s free food here; when’s the last time you had a hot meal on a weekday? When’s the next time you’re getting a good breakfast like this?

Seriously. Seriously…It’s kind of sad to think about.

I drank some coffee and my lemon water. I left and trekked back to the building where I work. That was it. It was DONE. No regrets.

Small win for the…win. XD


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