Wat…What Week is it?! Week 19-20!

Admittedly, I’ve been slacking on my update posts…

But believe when I tell you, it’s for a pretty spectacular reason: I actually started to go to the gym 3 times a week.

I’ve been struggling with my tiredness and have been nagging myself to update my blog!

Last night is yet another TOPS Meeting. As of today, May 12th, I have lost nothing.

BUT…More (good?) news about that: my womanly cycle is back. Light, but back. I lost 5.50 pounds over the course of the previous two weeks, but I gained a whopping 4.25 pounds on my period.

I’m working extra hard at keeping my calories in tact this week to completely slay the scale this coming Thursday. As they say on Nerd Fitness: “You can’t outrun your fork”. Period hunger and weakness aside, I need to overcome this. I can’t turn back when I came this far into actually going to the gym and using it efficiently!

Week 20 Goals

This week, I want to write Chapter 2 of my Zelda Fanfic. That is week 20 goal.

Is it fitness related? No, but it makes me damn happy to do it. I’ve been losing weight little by little


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