Hail Brigid!

Picture taken from: http://www.ancientwisdomonline.com/blog/5-practices-to-welcome-goddess-brigid

The idea to us essential oils came to me today after I reconciled some issues with my Mom. I was determined to take this bath as soon as I got home.

I sat in the bathtub water with my lilac Yankee Candle and lavender incense burning. I had, as mentioned, cherry and honey suckle essential oils. The smell was ah-mazing. So soothing.

I saw on my side, feeling the water and slipped into a small meditation. I asked the Goddess what I need to do, as I felt change was/is necessary.  (Note: I consider the Goddess as an aspect of all feminine energy: the names of the Goddess are just her varying aspects)

A Goddess I haven’t met before came to me: Brigid.

I’ve read a few things on her (especially during Imbolc). I really didn’t have a firm grasp on her and what her essence is.

Her presence was so soothing. I saw an image of a cow (mostly white). She told me I need to concentrate on me and my health. She said to look at the ways of the Druid for answers.

After telling me all this, She said I should rest and called me “little moon cow”. She laughed when I took offense and said “it’s not what you think”. Looking it up now, it makes sense.

I’ve always been a devotee of Hecate. She is my matron goddess. Depending on who you ask or what books you read (or websites) she is considered a torch-bearer. Brigid is considered a light-bearer. There are many aspects which was similar to Hecate. It makes me smile.

Hecate has been associated as triple-formed (or even penta-formed). Some consider Hecate as the Crone aspect and call other Goddesses’ names as Mother and Maiden. It seems right to me Brigid is a Mother aspect (maybe Maiden, varying) on circumstance. I haven’t been in the presence of a Goddess other than Hecate for some time.

She showed me an image of a book I have which I never read on Druidry. I think it’s time to open it up and see what I can learn!

I think I’ll be writing more Pagan themed posts of my experiences.

Anyone out there with experience working with Brigid?


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