Week 21 & 22

Good news: I lost 1.5 pounds last week.

Not so good news: I have only lost 14 pounds this year. My goal is to lose 50-52.

In just three short weeks, it will be the middle of the year. It was my hope by that time, I would have lost 20ish pounds.

I know I need to focus on every other aspect of getting healthier, but it’s such a let down to myself. I gained a quarter of a pound last month and 3.75 pounds the previous month. I’m really trying to focus on the weight that I have lost already, but I’m so results orientated. BAH. BAH I SAY!

Striving to find the balance of eating and exercising. And tiredness. Oh the tiredness!

Very quickly: I’m getting rid of the Zelda fan-fiction. I decided that in the long term, it annoys me. I rather write about the hi-jinks I pretend I find Beatrice in (trying to sabotage my weight loss).

Hey, you, Beatrice: KNOCK YOUR SHIT OFF.

*Beatrice looks up from eating a apple pit straight out of the tin; face filled with apple pie filling*

I’M TALKING TO YOU, LADY. PUT THAT PIE DOWN. *Approaches Beatrice, baring fists and a scowl*

*Beatrice throws down the pie tin and goes straight through the wall; leaving a Beatrice-shaped hole in the wall* WHOO WHOO WHOO WHOOOOOO *in the distance, Beatrice shrieks*

The things that go on inside my head. Unreal.

PS: Yeah yeah, my meme is bad and I should feel bad. :\



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