Week 23 into Week 24: Shifting Gears

As part of my year of trying to do better for myself, I’m going to switch gears for the latter half of the year and focus on things I want to do that aren’t weight-loss related (mental health, spiritual health, fun). I’ve put so much emphasis on losing weight that I forgot to take time for myself.

I went to the doctor for my yearly woman’s exam. I told him my concerns; how I bleed when I exercise intensely and have awful period pain in the process.

On the 23rd of this month, I’m going in for labs and getting a CT scan on my cervix. I rather not have a probe stuck inside me, but if it’s going to lead to a diagnosis where I can be helped, I’m all about that.

He told me I might have to get on hormone pills (possibly birth control, depending on my results). It didn’t surprise me, but I know there is something definitely going on that needs to be addressed. He told me the lining of my cervix had a “very thick mucus”. Oh joy.

He then checked my thyroid and told me that needs to be checked, too. Fantastic.

Weight Loss

I did lose a quarter of a pound this past week. With the way things are going, that doesn’t really bother me (a loss is a loss). I rather have a firm grasp on my health. I’m still exercising and lifting (not much, but I’m slowly getting there) as well as practicing mindful eating.

I never, ever, wanted to use my hormones/PCOS as a crutch to not lose weight. However, something might actually be going on. Doesn’t mean I’ll stop anytime soon, though.

Week 24

So, what’s in store for Week 24? I recently picked up The Druidry Handbook by John Michael Greer. Ever since I felt Brigid’s presence, I wanted to learn more.

I’m thinking getting through “Part I” would suffice for this week.


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