Week 24/Liebster Award!

I met my goal this week of reading Part I of my Druidry Handbook. Very informative! +1 for Allie! I forgot how much I enjoyed reading, how it quiets my mind.

For this coming week, I’m going to make sure I get 8 hours of sleep each night. A restful Allie is a productive Allie.

I have also turtled this week (not gained weight or lose weight). That’s a flippin miracle for this week (random bleeding, bloating and pain).

Liebster Award

The spiffy guy over at Christiant’s Weight Loss Success has nominated me for a Liebster Award (YAY)! You should also check out his blog, too. It’s action packed!

So, here are the rules:


11 Facts

  1. I’m currently flipping out over my test results from my blood test on Friday. I’m also really, REALLY upset the doctor kind of “foo foo’ed” the rest of the results away.
  2. I live in a house with 5 cats.
  3. My favorite color is light purple
  4. I still play World of Warcraft
  5. My favorite exercise is working with dumb bells
  6. I’m a major fan of Sailor Moon!
  7. I get a lady hard-on when I walk into Staples. Yes, seriously.
  8. I’ve been with my boyfriend for over 8 years!
  9. The Conjuring 2 is now one of my favorite  horror movies
  10. I’m really, really sad I’m almost through with watching the X-Files from start to finish
  11. I’m going to start Vlogging soon

Answering 11 Questions From the Person Who Nominated Me:

  1. Why did you start blogging? I wanted to reach out and give meaning to this adventure that I’m on…find more people along the way and such.
  2. What is a place that you’ve always wanted to go in this entire world? Maine, actually. I heard it’s beautiful.
  3. What is your favorite movie? Of ALL time? That’s really hard to pin down.
  4. If you could have dinner with any person in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? My grandma, just to see her again and tell her what’s going on!
  5. What is your favorite quote? “Well behaved women seldom make history”
  6. Who/What inspires you to keep going everyday? Looking at myself in the mirror and reminding myself I have to work for what I have and what I need. And…Sailor Moon. I feel like I can watch any episode and take away something from it.
  7. Do you have any special talents? I can read tarot and know what people are thinking and feeling
  8. What style of music do you listen too? I love classic rock. I’m also a major fan of metal.
  9. If you have 24 hours to live what would you do to fulfill your last day on earth? Remind everyone how much I love and care for them
  10. What is your favorite food? Homemade mashed potatoes or Chinese.
  11. What is your favorite blog post to date and Why? Possibly Nurturing Me Vs. Big Picture. It’s still something I’m working on and it’s put my health into perspective, big time.

I nominate the following fabulous blogs! Use the same questions I used (or feel free to make your own):

  1. http://seekinglifenow.com/
  2. http://toopolar.com/
  3. http://beautybeyondbones.com/
  4. http://naijagalfitness.com/
  5. http://emotionalweightloss.wordpress.com/
  6. http://itsnotcrazytoday.com/
  7. http://mybipolarsoulblog.wordpress.com/
  8. http://styled2z.com/
  9. http://noonelikeskale.wordpress.com/
  10. http://emmawithoutdilemma.wordpress.com/
  11. http://bipolartohappiness.com/

**I know some of these blogs have over 200 followers. Bad Allie!**



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