I Haz Groove/Results Explained (Week 25)

No, don’t worry, you won’t have to see me dancing. I’m not THAT mean.

I lost two pounds last week! YAY!

I can attribute that to preparing breakfast and my lunch ahead of time.

At TOPS, we sometimes talk about healthier recipes. From the ever-popular website Hungry Girl, someone had mentioned how to make overnight oatmeal. There’s a ton of recipes, but mine are simple. This pumpkin one is making me consider buying some pumpkin puree, though.

I was really skeptical and thought it sounded gross. Well, I’m now proof it’s delicious and and I’m a fan. It’s also amazingly filling.

I only make one serving overnight, every night. 1/2 cup steel cut oats, 1 cup Greek yogurt (I use plain) and any topping. I use granny smith apples and flax seed meal (could not find actual flax seeds).


I totally hit my sleep goal! It really does make life so much easier.


Although it’s already Monday, my goal is to complete my organizer-diary thingy with applicable dates and such. It will also include important dates for work. I rather be more prepared than under prepared.

Tests Explained

I also spoke with the nurses I work with and the doctor about my results. He says I need to eat healthy fats and exercises consistently in order for my HDL to go up (the same thing the nurses told me).

Although they were amazed my triglycerides/LDL were low, they said I should look to add healthy fats to recipes. I’m okay with that. Also: try to eat more servings of fish or take Fish Oil/Omega 3’s.

I have more tests for my other doctor this coming Wednesday concerning my hormone levels. If my glucose is high again, I’m going to ask him what I should do, in his opinion.



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