Day 1 of Respawn/Week 25, 26, 27 & 28

As I said in another post I made, I need to “re-spawn”. Today is that day.

This weekend was a food disaster! It was awful and that’s an understatement.

July 4th brought the usual leftovers. I messed up. My thinking was “but I’ll waste food if I don’t eat it” and my Dad only solidified that idea (as he always does). I have the power to say no, but I didn’t do it.

The following Thursday/day of TOPS meeting (where I was elected president: awww yiss) I over ate that night. Thursday nights are almost a free-for-all event at my house. It’s sad, really. Usually, I’m pretty good about it…but this past Thursday, we ordered fried chicken and there was so much left over. Guess who got to eat that all weekend? Again, I could have said no.

Prednisone didn’t help. My lungs are hurting and the breathing treatments only do what they’re supposed to do if you do them every few hours. As most people do, however, I work. Is it so much to ask to breathe normally?

I thought taking 10mg of Prednisone would be okay.



I sincerely think the side effects have gotten worse with me. The longer you take something, the more likely you’re going to suffer more side effects.

I had to urinate after drinking a cup of water. My lungs felt overly exasperated. I was SO. FLIPPING. ANGRY! Not to mention hungry. I was actually scared at how I was acting on it.

Powers of the Universe, please help me get through this day. I know it’ll be easier with every new day.

And jeez, Allie: get back on your weekly goals! YOU CAN DO THIS! Stop the laziness!!!!

Re-Spawn Checklist:

  • July 4th/Thursday night food gone: Check
  • Prednisone out of my system: Check
  • Money to prepare health breakfast/lunch: Check
  • Updated binder for the journey: Check
  • Fitness plan: Check

I don’t expect to lose weight by Thursday weigh-day, but I am getting back to doing what I NEED to be doing. Have a great week, everyone!


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