Week 29: BATCAVE! (…and bleeding)

I lost four pounds! Re-spawn FTW (and bodily functions happening again…)?

This week was very odd and it felt like the universe was out to get me. I mentioned before some of my on-going health problems included irregular/close to none periods (except for spotting) as well as seeing a doctor for my issues.

Goals for This Week

A Nerd Fitness “quest” is to “Customize your Batcave”. Basically, you work out the bugs to make sure nothing stands in the way of your “new” way of living.

I decided I’m going to go for the Nerd Fitness workouts they have on their actual website. It may looks easy, but my body strength is pretty bad. I definitely want to be stronger!

This Thursday, I’ll write about how I managed to “Customize my Batcave”!

The Bloody Tail (AKA The Song of Red and Thunder)

Last week, I gained 0.75 of a pound. Not horrible, but it made me scratch my head. I’ve been doing so much better overall.

Monday came some light spotting. No pain, just random spotting (during my last exam, they noted I wasn’t pregnant; confirmed by ultrasound and certain levels in my blood). I wasn’t looking for anything out of the ordinary the past week.

Then came Tuesday morning when a monsoon literally started to happen down below. I haven’t had a full-blow period for some time (and definitely not heavy). Oh well, I think, I’ll just use my feminine products and go on per usual. I had the usual discomfort: a bit of bloating and some minor pain.

Took a shower, put on pair of pants and walked about 6 feet back to my room. I suddenly felt like I was going to pass out and had that lovely “CHECK YOUR UNDERWEAR, LADY” feeling.

What it feels like. #Accuracy

Pad was soaked…with clot and dark blood. I went to the bathroom and put on another pad. I was in A LOT of pain at this point. I felt like I had only gotten 2 hours of sleep.

Went to work, tried not to worry. The feeling of passing out and weakness was overwhelming. The person I work with said “you need to go to the ER”!

I went to the ER about two years ago for what I thought was hemorrhaging. They examined me and asked if I thought I “dreamed” that monsoon, because there was no blood in my cervix (they claimed).Wow. Still paying that bill!

My current OBGYN would not see me or even have anyone in his office see me. They said “just go to the ER”. I’m not about to pay thousands of dollars. The triage nurse said she put a note in the system that demands I need to see a doctor ASAP. I wasn’t trying to be annoying!

I was at work until about noon and I couldn’t take it anymore, so I left early. What’s even worse about the menses is how I get sick when it finally decides to show up. I’m better today, however. I attribute that weight loss to hormone fluctuation. Sigh


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