Progress!…and YouTube

As of last Thursday, this month alone, I have lost 5.25 pounds.

No, I didn’t starve. No, I didn’t exercise every day and no, I didn’t eat celery for all three meals.

Some time ago, I commented on how I lost weight by eating only when hungry. Eventually, that backfired. Let me explain why: Although I was only eating when I was hungry, I wasn’t eating quality food.

MRW I Realize Something Everyone Else Knows

There’s been numerous studies regarding calories in relationship with nutrition. Yes, it is possible to lose weight if you ate fast food on a limited caloric “budget” (2000, 1500, etc) but it is heavily void of nutrition. There have been people who have done it (and took numerous supplements along the way to maintain energy), but I need nutrition. We ALL need nutrition.

I upped my nutrition game (thanks again, Nerd Fitness!) and am pretty amazed with the results. This week, I lost 3 pounds and 2.25 the previous.

Here is the golden rule:

You cannot out run, out jump, out walk or even out lift your fork

You can’t have the attitude of “but I exercised x minutes; I can eat a little more”.

No. No No no no NO. It’s a trap. The only thing I do differently if I do exercise is make sure my next meal/snack contains nutrient dense food (or more vegetables). Everyone is different, but this is what I do. The end. 

YouTube Videos

Eventually, you will see me in videos 🙂 I’m just preoccupied with work.

I’m also done with the Pope video (that mimics video games). It’s not disrespectful as you all might be thinking. You’ll see. 🙂





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