Mirena & my ‘Gina

August 31st, I had my first IUD put in.

Not for birth control reasons, but for hormonal. After my doctor read my results, he told me the next step would be birth control. I asked him if there was a low-dose pill that would be effective, but he suggested an IUD instead. From both my doctor and my own research, I said it was a great idea, as it wouldn’t interfere with my Prozac and Trazadone.

Just as an FYI: I read there was going to be pain (because duh), but I had no idea what was in store for me. Yes, I’m aware if you haven’t had children previously, it will hurt more. I just didn’t know the extent of it.

The day of the IUD insertion, I met with a medical assistant who asked me the usual questions. Then, a medical student asked me if she could be in the room while it was inserted.

Sure, I thought, no problem; I would feel more comfortable with someone else in the room while it was done.

The procedure was awful and painful, all the way up to the actual insertion of the device. Seeing as how he is a male doctor, I don’t think he realized the full extent of pain. Maybe if someone said it feels like they went through your penis into your balls, he would have had a better idea.

I had no warning when he actually pierced me. I couldn’t help it; I yelped. He then said “get dressed” and left the room with the medical student. No advisement of pain medication, no anything like that.

I was actually really pissed off, but I felt like I was going to faint. My focus became the fact I had a fucking device inside me, throbbing with pain. I had to gather myself as I put back on my pants and put the pad on to catch the bleeding. How I managed to walk out the hallway was beyond me.

For the next two days, the constant feeling of something inside me was terrible. Every time I so much as had a drink of water, I had the overwhelming feeling I had to use the bathroom. I bled pretty badly, too. The pain was unbearable. Then, it subsided on the third day and my cycle began. Not painful, but it did have some cramps.

Cramps I can handle. Vagina piercing…not so much.

As of today, I’m only very lightly bleeding. I bring pads with me just in case. This is getting ridiculous.



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