Status: Currently in Facebook Jail

Oh, I’m a little pissed off right now (off topic)


I never used my real last name on Facebook. In fact, I know several people that did not or do not even to this day.

However, they’ve never been flagged (guess who did, though)? That’s right: ME!

You’re probably wondering why. Well, they never gave me a reason. So, when I told people of my situation, they assumed I violated their terms, such as:

Posted racist memes/images/thoughts

Threatened people with credible/not credible violence

Post tasteless/illegal content

No. No I did not.

No, seriously, someone must know me personally (or was exceedingly angry I said “you shouldn’t discriminate against LGBTQ/Islam/other religions”).

Naturally, being someone in my field of HR/Administration, I’m not letting my co-workers find me (and finding out I’m not Christian working in a hospital). Personally, it’s never a good idea to friend your co-workers just in case things go sour. Just my experience.

My personal business/religious affiliation has no baring on my work. Yes, it’s illegal to discriminate against someone based on religious preference, but if you honestly think it doesn’t happen…well, you’re in for a rude awakening. It totally does with some people.

By the way: did you know an employer can LEGALLY discriminate against someone based on political affiliation in most states? They sure can!


There are also ongoing issues with certain people and me and my family’s safety. Facebook could care less what I told them after I let them in on the situation.

You know what they said? They said “you can block them”.

Oh yeah, because someone who wants to mess with you won’t just go ahead and make another Facebook account to get to you. For fuck’s sake.

I had to submit a scan of my license. Yes, really.

To boot: tomorrow, I have a small get together with friends. I made a Facebook event and have been going through there to coordinate things. But thanks to Facebook’s ridiculous policy, even after submitting my ID, I have to wait.

I contacted necessary people off of Facebook, but again. Really?


Yeah, so, I can submit a complaint about possible underage people posting nude selfies and can be reviewed within 4 minutes of telling me it doesn’t violate their community standards, but my faux, normal last name has been flagged.

Holy fucking balls.






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