Where am I? What have I done? Why did I get this way? How could I possibly let this get so out of control…again?

These are questions I’m asking myself. I feel so lost. Although I’m not at my beginning weight, I definitely let things slide.

Thanksgiving wasn’t that great for my weight, either. It was a non-stop, overly indulgent eat fest. DAYS. Our family always hosts Thanksgiving. Although we were eating rich foods, it was still a non-stop eat fest for two days prior to two days after.

Laid Off & Unemployment

So, my last day at working at the hospital was the 18th. At first, I was excited. I GET TO GET 8 HOURS OF SLEEP AGAIN!

Disregard Life, Acquire Sleep

But, then reality hit me. I miss that place. I now have re-occurring dreams  where I am back there or trying to get back. It’s awful. I never thought of a place of work like that. I don’t know what to do with those feelings. It’s so strange to me.

The only good news is that they aren’t fighting my unemployment. I can try to find a permanent position instead of grasping onto any position because of circumstance. The bad part is telling myself it might not happen right away.

Distraction Vs. Problem

Oh, and World of Warcraft is now a drug to me. Not in a good day. I noticed I play this and forget all the things I have to do for the day.

I honestly think a better solution would be to schedule my time. I do better at everything if I have a schedule.


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