Yes, indeed, I am alive.

Remember how last year I was all gun-ho about the year of Allie? As my last post of 2016 “Lost” says, I failed.

Well, what happens when we fail in the most epic of ways?

2016 Metaphors? HURRAY!

We start over with new information, that’s what! Sure, I didn’t lose the fifty pounds I wanted…but, I did lose 7.50lbs.

I’m not celebrating that too much, though. The thing is, I KNOW I can do better. After reviewing all the posts and entries into my personal, day to day diary, I know I struggle with the following the most:

  1. Self-control when it comes to food. I’m way too lax to myself. “Oh, it’s okay that I eat this”
  2. Self-control when it comes to food…around my boyfriend. He really has no idea how difficult it is to only eat a portion or reasonably eat a meal.
  3. LATE NIGHT SNACKING. Oh wow, so I have an issue with this.
  4. Screen Time. I waste a lot of time instead of focusing on what’s important. I found this neat app called Habitica that is helping me check out things I need to do.

I don’t think there will be a formal “list” of things I want to accomplish this year, but rather, a summary of what I did during a month. For instance: there will be a post sometime in the first week of February called “January 2017 Summary”.

I’ll be posting my usual fun things. Buckle up, 2017 is all about redemption!


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