‘Beatin Ass (New Battle Plans)

Hello everyone!

I took a hiatus from posting. Although not intentional, it ended up that way.

Since mid February, I scored a temporary HR position. It’s full time, but downtown. When I say downtown, I mean taking the train to work everyday and then getting on the subway downtown.

Interesting experience, but this isn’t the news I wish to share.

This year, so far, I have lost 7.75 pounds. This month alone, I lost 4.75.

What accounts for my sudden weight loss, you ask?


THM is “Trim, Healthy Mama”.

PLEASE note: I am not receiving money from THM or any affiliates, just me gushing.

Back last year, my best friend kept losing weight. Like me, she has PCOS and weight issues coupled with eating disorders (in addition to having cancer; that she beat)!  She kept losing a bunch of weight and inches. As of today, she lost over 90 pounds!

She said “you have to try it” and the like. I didn’t listen. I was completely overwhelmed with how much bullshit I’ve been going through with the IUD and work.

However, two weeks ago, I bought the book and gave it a read. Some of their “facts” were skewed, such as the notion of our metabolisms not being able to digest both carbs and fat at the same time (there are two basic meal types: E & S; E for carbs/energizing and S for fats/satisfying). I was interested in the notion of doing types of meals.

I’m here to tell you guys this works for me. It may not work for everyone and that’s understandable, but I’ll be damned: this actually actually works for me! Not only do I feel better, but I sleep better. I’m both full and satisfied; I don’t feel deprived at all!

I even bought the big cook book today!

So more to come, but just wanted to say hello to everyone. Have a great weekend!


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