Progesterone, Periods and Stress, oh my!

I went to another OBGYN (the one I saw post-IUD didn’t take me seriously, only gave me Metaformin…oh, and hasn’t returned my calls).

I explained since my IUD was taken out, I had one period (super short, pretty light) and that was it. Again, not looking to get pregnant, but wanting to make sure all is well. Visit went well.

She prescribed progesterone and told me if I didn’t have said period, they would do a biopsy of my lining.

Good news: I have a real, long-lasting period after taking progesterone (a full five days and starting to slow down)

Bad news: I gave gained over six pounds

Sure, Easter was last week and in this household, that means (wait for it) FOOD. There was egg salad on Friday, steaks on Saturday (it was my parents’ anniversary) and Sunday, we ordered Chinese. I made myself eat realistic portions. I didn’t add soda or diet soda (had some wine on Easter, though). Period happened two days later. At TOPS, two days later, it said I gained 5.75 pounds. I freaked.

Then, I looked at the sides effects of progesterone:




That explains all the pain and severe weight gain. Huh.

Anyway, I’m back to THM and loving every second. Today, I tried “Eggs and Avs” from the recipe book.

Changed my life, seriously. There is no reason to keep deviating. It freaking works.

Also: this is the last week of my temp job.

I’m sure they’ll keep me until Friday, but I have a feeling this last week is going to be a bit…well, different. I don’t know; just a feeling. There’s so much going on at that place. The person they finally hired has been there a week and already doing my duties.

Anyway, um…Happy Sunday!



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