Well, I guess I’m NOT doing so bad!

I took an inventory of my year in weight loss thus far:

  • January: Lost 1.75lbs
  • February: Lost 1.25lbs
  • March: Lost 4.75lbs
  • April: Gained 2.25lbs
  • May: Gained 1.00lb
  • Net Loss: 4.50lbs

I knew when I gained weight during the week of May 11th (5.25 pounds) I had to act: I was slipping. AGAIN. I panicked, thinking I would have to put up another big gain…and again, another failure.

Coming back from 5.25lbs gain from the month down to one pound isn’t bad. I got my shit together REAL quick.

Trim Healthy Mama (so far)

So far on my THM journey, I have been trying different foods and food combinations. I honestly do not miss mashed potatoes and white bread. I occasionally have white bread, but I’m not eating it multiple times a day.

I have to battle my parents and boyfriend for my new food choices. *I’M* responsible for what goes in my mouth (at least, that’s why I tell myself) but my hunger gets the best of me at times, usually at night. It doesn’t help I’m at the mercy of my parents of food they buy. When I was working downtown, I ate mostly healthy, THM-approved meals. Adjusting being back at home full time has (TRIED) to take its toll. I have unemployment again, so I’m going over some THM recipes I’m going to try! I actually bought the recipe book.

Fitness/Nerd Fitness

Actual picture of me at the gym XD

Now FITNESS for me, on the other hand, has been going a lot better than expected. I went to ACEN last weekend and walked over 10,000 steps. My total steps last Friday added up to over 12,000 steps!

This is due to my exercise on the treadmill at the gym: I’m keeping a steady pace for 20 minutes (not including cool down).

Other Aspects

Sailor Moon now, Sailor Moon Forever! (okay, pic not related; sue me)

I’ll do a bullet list here, ’cause…well, you probably aren’t reading these anyway. XD. These are things that have improved for me since the beginning of the year.

  • Confident about going downtown to Chicago; would actually like to work there now
  • Eating better than ever and less of it (still tweaking the amount)
  • Stopped playing World of Warcraft and focusing on my art/creativity
  • Much better emotional stability when it comes to my Mom’s addiction(s)

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