Job Hunting Stress

The Temporary Assignment Paradox

I despise having to look for work.

Do I want to work? Oh yes. Work=Money. Money is used in exchanged for goods and services. Goods and services provide me living…things.

The more time spent between jobs, the “worse” you look to prospective employers. I’m not kidding. Do they not know how the economy is? This is a temp/”gig” economy. I’m being faulted for filling a need.

I’ve been told by numerous agencies that I look “bad” because of all the temporary work. Literally, this was told to me by temporary/placement agencies. Pot, meet kettle!

I have an interview downtown Thursday. I had a great interview last Wednesday that I didn’t get; it was perfect for me (LOCAL and in the health care field), the interview went super well, but they apparently liked the other person just 1% better. Ugh.

Literally, I’ve been barely applying. Not because I gave up, but because all these agencies have been calling and giving ME interviews with employers. I have to step up and apply again. Yeah, I have an interview in a couple of days, but that doesn’t mean squat.

Every. Fucking. Time.

Applying for these jobs is a job in itself (see image). Some argue it “showcases” your talent, but again, how much do they want to read?

Let’s talk about LinkedIn

LinkedIn: the job site people use to “connect”, but really, it’s just a fancy electronic resume and pissing contest (in the comments). If there is a snippet or piece someone wrote, there is super generic, college text-book responses. It’s really sad and really infuriating at the same time. I literally look at it and think “yeah, like you really feel/think that way”.

Oh, the ass kissing! I’m a firm believer in hard work and words with actions; not ass kissing. This entire site is filled with jobs that require you to apply on company websites and ass kissing.

But, I know I’ll find work eventually. Just needed to vent.



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