Got a PERMANENT Job…Yay?

Yay, I found a job!

Carlton Is Happeh
If I was capable of doing a back flip, I totally would have

It’s not just “a job”, it’s a company that wants to hire me PERMANENTLY. A PERMANENT JOB.

I’m ecstatic! My anxiety, not so much.

It’s kind of an emotional roller coaster for me today (and this past week since I found out). My brain has thoughts ranging from “holy shit, you’ve finally made it” all the way to “you’re going to fuck this one up because you’re an awful person who doesn’t deserve any type of happiness”. 


I’ve had at least three anxiety attacks this week. I took a break from doing “stuff” this weekend to calm down. It’s definitely helped. I’m due to start this Tuesday.

So far, the positive has been winning. I know I am capable of this position and will do my best. You’ll be otay, Allie.

Getting a permanent position means the following to me:

  1. Reliable source of income
  2. Insurance to doctors that won’t treat me like shit just because of my “Obama Insurance” (as one twat receptionist told me after looking at my insurance card)
  3. Able to move out after (at least) six months (!!!)
  4. (Bonus) able to get rid of Careerbuilder, Monster and Indeed resumes AND not get calls from fly-by-night recruiters who just want to submit me to keep their numbers up!

A major bonus: this company is seven miles away. Yes, SEVEN. I’ll be able to go to the gym or exercise after work! I’ll have an actual life and won’t have to worry about a massive commute time, either!


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